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Sheen: ‘Children aren’t exposed to anything dangerous’

The star’s personal troubles have mounted in recent weeks after he was hospitalised in January (11) following a wild night of partying with hookers, before undergoing a rehab stint at his Los Angeles home.

Sheen is dad to two young girls by Denise Richards, twin sons by estranged wife Brooke Mueller and grown-up daughter, Cassandra – but vows his property is always fit for purpose when his kids visit.

During an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, the chat show host asked, “So you’ve never had any drugs in the house when your kids were around?” and Sheen promptly replied: “No.”

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He adds, “If it was my weekend then we would go somewhere else… those things just don’t go together. That’s just common sense and courtesy.”

Sheen also admits he’s worried about what the younger children will read about him on the internet when they are older, adding: “It’s a shame we live in an evil world like that sometimes. That stuff I can’t control. What I can control is them never being exposed to anything dangerous, ever, at any point in time.”

And he appeals to his actor father Martin not to interfere, adding: “I’m sure I’ll hear something about it in one of his interviews. As much as I love him, I’m 45 with five kids. He’s been out of the country, that’s why he hasn’t called. I think people think it’s a lot harder on me than it is.”

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