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Sheen opens up about hotel room fuss

Police were called to his suite as Sheen allegedly trashed the place – angry over a missing watch – as an escort cowered in the bathroom, fearing for her life.

Sheen has since offered to pay for the damage he caused, but he tells news show Extra everything about the fateful night, which ended with police forcing him to go to hospital, was blown out of proportion.

The Wall Street star says, “A guy has one bad night and everybody goes insane and panics. I’m not panicking.”

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And he confirmed he was missing a $50,000 (£33,300) watch – part of his timepiece collection.

Sheen adds, “It’s still missing but the way I look at it is – if you have expensive tastes you’ve gotta be prepared for expensive losses. It is what it is… Everything’s good.”

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