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Sheen: ‘System has failed me over my boys’

Mueller obtained an emergency restraining order on Tuesday (01Mar11) to keep the actor away from her and their kids, Bob and Max.

The children were subsequently removed from the actor’s care and he was stripped of his custody rights.

Sheen has since insisted his former partner should be taking drug tests to prove she is fit to take care of the boys, and the Two and a Half Men star has now spoken out to criticise the legal system – insisting he has been unfairly targeted.

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He tells Britain’s The Sun, “As we sit here today, I don’t know where my kids are. I don’t know where the hell they are. I’m not upset, my emotions are out of it, my ego is out of it. But I am disappointed in the system. This is not the America I was raised in.

“Brooke has admitted she has relapsed and doesn’t really have a home. I can only imagine if the shoes were on the other feet I’d be in some prison in Arkansas doing 25 years to life without a trial or anything… The gloves are off. But I am going to go in, do it properly and do it with total domination.”

Sheen is also father to two girls with ex-wife Denise Richards and a grown-up daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Paula Profit.

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