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Sheen to honour filming commitments

The Two And A Half Men star hit headlines when cops were called his hotel room in the early hours of Tuesday morning (26Oct10), where they reportedly found the suite trashed and the actor nude and in an “emotionally disturbed” state.

He was admitted to hospital and a representative claimed the star had suffered an “adverse allergic reaction” to medication.

Sheen subsequently flew back to Los Angeles, where he is due on the set of new romantic comedy She Wants Me later this week (ends31oct10) to film a small role.

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And the movie’s producer Danny Roth is confident Sheen will honour the commitment, because the actor has been in touch with film bosses since the hotel incident.

Roth tells TMZ.com, “(Sheen) has been in constant communication with the production… there is no doubt he will show up to filming. (If he doesn’t show up) it would force us to re-shoot a lot of what has been shot. (But) we’re absolutely not worried.”

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