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Sheen to sue TV bosses over firing

Warner Bros. chiefs decided to kick Sheen off the show following weeks of bizarre behaviour and public rants against producers and writer Chuck Lorre.

In the letter terminating the star’s contract, Warner Bros’ legal team points out all the clauses which have allegedly been violated, adding to Sheen’s attorney, “Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill.”

Now the star’s lawyer Marty Singer has announced he plans to launch a lawsuit against Warner Bros. on the actor’s behalf, claiming bosses have no grounds to fire the troubled star.

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He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “They have no basis to suspend or terminate Charlie Sheen. We will sue. It’s a matter of when. It could be this week, it could be in a little while. We’re in no rush. But we will sue. This is nothing but Warner Bros. acting on behalf of Chuck Lorre.”

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