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Shekoni hopes Twilight role will solve Halloween headaches

The six-foot stunner admits she struggles to find a costume for her adopted Los Angeles trick or treating, and often gives up and simply stays at home on the spookiest night of the year.

She tells WENN, “It all overwhelms me. I’ve gone to the Santa Monica Boulevard Halloween parade and been a part of it all and then other times I’ve been like, ‘I’m just gonna stay home and watch a video’.

“My costumes have never been elaborate; I basically have a white dress and I’ll buy a pair of angel wings and I’m an angel. One time I wore reasonable-sized underwear and my angel wings and went as Tyra Banks – I was impressed that people got it.

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“Even this year, as of now, I don’t have an outfit and I don’t know what I’m gonna wear. There’s three parties that I’ve been invited to and I have no idea what I’m gonna wear. I’ve got a day off on Saturday, so I’m gonna go hunting.

“Because of Twilight, I feel like I wanna go the other way and so I think I’ll probably be an angel or a fairy; something light and frothy – so I can save my dark side for the movie.”

And Shekoni can’t wait for her Twilight debut to hit the big screen – because she’d like to hit the streets and parties as Zafrina.

She adds, “At least I can go out at Halloween next year, as Zafrina.”

The Brit is hoping her character’s costume becomes a Halloween staple for Twilight fans: “Please God and the universe, make my character have an impact that occurs. That would be great.”

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