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Shemar Moore leading the cast of new S.W.A.T. reboot

Action moviemaker Justin Lin is bringing the S.W.A.T. TV series back to the small screen.
The Fast & Furious 6 director has recruited Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore to lead his cast as a crack crime solver in Los Angeles.
Moore reveals pre-production began over the weekend and he can already tell the show is going to be a big hit.
“This is going to be almost pretty epic,” the former model tells Access Hollywood Live. “Just in five days… we’ve been doing nights from three o’clock in the morning to seven in the morning. It’s so exciting and it’s such a challenge for me.
“The story is just so interesting – it’s edgy, it’s grimy, it’s real-life. It’s relatable to what’s going on today. It’s gonna be a really cool TV show, but I also think it’s gonna be a really cool service message type of show.”
“I’m so excited to go to work…,” he adds. “A year from now, you’re gonna know what this is about.”
Shemar reveals he has been hitting the gym hard to pump up for the role of S.W.A.T. leader Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson, who has been played onscreen by Samuel L. Jackson.
“I used to work out for myself just because I’m a little vain and I wanted the ladies to like what they see (sic),” he says. “But for Hondo… I’m 190 pounds right now and when this goes to series – we’ll start shooting (properly) in July – I’m gonna do my best to gain 10 pounds of muscle… This guy needs to have that type of presence.”

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