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Shia LaBeouf hit with lawsuit over bowling alley fight

Shia Labeouf has been hit with a lawsuit following a public incident at a bowling alley.
The Transformers star was kicked out of Los Angeles-area bowling alley Pinz on 5 April (17), after a heated argument with a bartender at Jerry’s Famous Deli, which is located within the venue.
Video posted online showed LaBeouf yelling at David Bernstein, the bartender, over his apparent refusal to serve him, with the 30-year-old calling him a “f**king racist”.
Now, Bernstein is suing the star for assault and defamation, and is seeking $5 million (£3.9 million) in damages, according to legal documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.
“Plaintiff felt that Defendant, LeBeouf, was significantly under the influence and correctly refused to serve (him) alcohol,” the lawsuit stated, adding, “LaBeouf’s action and entry into the bar well area reasonably reflected an intent to commit imminent physical violence upon Mr. Bernstein.”
The lawsuit also alleges that Bernstein felt that LaBeouf was on the verge of physical violence when the incident occurred and “experienced significant emotional distress, anxiety and fear” after the altercation.
Bernstein also takes issue with LaBeouf’s “racist” allegations, accusing the actor of trying to “incite a predominately African-American crowd, that was present at the bar.”
Pinz is just a short distance away from the Ventura Boulevard bar, where LaBeouf brawled with another man in 2011.
The actor was handcuffed by police officers after the scuffle at Mad Bull’s Tavern in Sherman Oaks, California, and detained for 20 minutes before he was allowed to leave the scene.
No arrests were made, and LaBeouf later explained, “I walked out to go and have a cigarette; I was with some friends and some guys instigated me and that’s what it was. (There was) some name calling. I didn’t know them. It was just an awkward situation… People get drunk, people get crazy.”
LaBeouf has been arrested for public intoxication on two other occasions.

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