Sienna Miller: ‘I’ll still squeeze into short dresses when I’m a granny’


Sienna Miller has admitted that she has no plans to change her personal style as she gets older.

The Stardust actress made the comments during an interview for InStyle when she began to look back at some of her favourite clothes that she had worn through the years.

The actress immediately references the gold Burberry dress that she wore to the 2006 Met Gala and confessed that, while some may not deem it to be age appropriate, she’ll never stop wearing it.

“There’s going to come a point where I’m just too old to be wearing something that short,” the star mused, before adding that she’ll “probably be a granny (and) still squeezing into that thing!”

The G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra star said that she has no plans to get rid of the sequinned number, and revealed that she also has the same design in silver that she wears every Christmas.

“I know I’ll have my Burberry dresses forever though,” the 37-year-old insisted. “My daughter will probably wear them one day.”

Sienna went on to share how her style has changed through the years, and claimed that she prefers natural beauty over too much hair and make-up

“I think people look more beautiful if they look like themselves and don’t feel pressured into a certain thing,” she reflected. “It’s the same with hair and make-up, sometimes they try to make you look vastly different from yourself.

“I used to feel the pressure to let them do what they wanted, and now I’d say, ‘Hey, not too much hair and make-up’.”