Simon Pegg credits sobriety with creativity boost

British actor Simon Pegg is convinced giving up alcohol enhanced his creativity. The Star Trek actor stopped drinking aged 40 as he struggled to enjoy alcohol in moderation, and he believes learning to live without booze has changed his life for the better.
He tells Britain’s The Independent, “I’ve got to do all or nothing. It can’t just be a glass of wine with dinner. I’d wanna (sic) go out and get beered up (drunk) again. And I’m happy to be saved from that.”
Pegg also believes his sobriety has boosted his creativity, and he dismisses popular belief that much of his work with partner Nick Frost is thought up while sharing a drink.
He says, “People always say, ‘Oh did you come up with that in the pub?’ You never have good ideas in the pub! Unless you’re someone like (The Pogues frontman) Shane MacGowan! Or someone for whom it is a creative fuel. I wasn’t funny when I was drunk or stoned or whatever. So, yeah, not drinking is definitely an aid to creativity.”