Simon Pegg lured Martin Freeman to new movie with location promise

Simon Pegg persuaded Martin Freeman to sign up for new movie The World’s End by agreeing to shoot the film near The Hobbit star’s family home. The British stars have teamed up for the unofficial third installment in the comedy franchise created by Pegg, his actor friend Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright, which started with 2004 comedy Shaun of the Dead and continued with Hot Fuzz in 2007.
Freeman had small parts in both movies, but only agreed to sign up for a role in the third film after Pegg and Wright insisted he could work close to his home in Hertfordshire, England.
He tells Britain’s Independent, “It was part of the sugar pill to do the movie – (Pegg and Wright begged) ‘Please sign up and we promise you’ll never have to travel more than half an hour to work’.”