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Singer Mary Lambert attempted suicide as a teenager

Singer Mary Lambert once attempted to take her own life as a teenager following years of abuse and trauma.
The Same Love star claims she tormented by the molestation she allegedly suffered at the hands of her father when she was a young girl and the gang rape she was subjected to at the age of 16.
“I was molested by my father at a really young age,” she tells Cosmopolitan magazine in a new video interview. “You don’t know what’s happening, especially when you’re raised in that environment and your brain is forming; there’s a sense of what normal is.”
The 28-year-old also suffers from bipolar disorder, a mental condition that went undiagnosed for several years.
“I was untreated with bipolar disorder,” she continues. “I was really living in extremes of like, I would have the best day ever and then I would come home and I would want to die.”
Mary ‘came out’ as a lesbian at 17, but she was so unhappy, she attempted suicide the following year.
“Everything hurt so much,” she explains of her personal pain, revealing she eventually found solace in her music.
“Music for me was like survival,” she adds. “It was healing and almost like self-therapy. The fact that I was abused by my dad, I was raped, I was gay, was bipolar, not to mention always being like a big girl in the world (all contributed to my unhappiness)…”
Despite her struggles, Mary is grateful her suicide attempt was not successful.
“I’m so glad that I didn’t die,” she says. “I’m so glad that I’m alive, that I didn’t give in, but it wasn’t easy… Real healing is s**tty. It’s dirty and ugly and not easy. (But), it all works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end…”

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