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Singer Nacho obtains new passport after immigration issue

Chino y Nacho star Miguel Ignacio Mendoza has been granted a new passport, days after blasting Venezuelan authorities for allegedly annulling his travel documents.
The singer, aka Nacho, was heading home after a performance in Miami, Florida on Saturday (20Feb16) when he was stopped by customs officials.
In a series of social media posts, he claimed he had been prevented from passing through immigration because of his links to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s jailed opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez, for whom he was preparing to stage a support show.
“Stop being so blind!” Mendoza raged in footage posted online. “I’ve been coming and going from Venezuela since 2014 with this passport. And precisely today, when I come in to defend the cry for freedom, it’s the only passport that gets an error in a flight carrying 150 people?”
He was eventually allowed into the country and went ahead with his performance as planned, and on Tuesday (23Feb16), he obtained a new passport – even though he maintains there was nothing wrong with his official documents when he encountered immigration trouble last weekend.
Taking to Facebook.com on Wednesday (24Feb16), he updated fans by stating, “My people, I have new passport.”
At the time of the incident, officials insisted the star’s passport had not been annulled – it had simply been misread by a scanner.
Nacho has been a longtime critic of President Maduro’s government and spoke out against the politician at the Venezuelan National Assembly on 12 February (16).

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