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Sir Michael Caine’s son-in-law faces debt collector in court

Natasha Caine’s property developer husband Michael Hall told the High Court how his wife’s hair “turned white” after Kevin Fox turned up at the couple’s family home in Wimbledon to chase an alleged $107,000 (£67,000) debt.

Hall, who is demanding damages and an injunction against Fox, also called the unsolicited appearance at their house on 29 February (12) “very, very upsetting” for The Italian Job actor’s daughter.

He told Fox, “You were putting considerable pressure on me and my family. My wife’s hair has nearly gone white since you walked in our house.”

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Hall’s barrister Paul Emerson added, “My claimant says no debt is owed at all. In respect of that matter the course of the conduct is such that it amounts to harassment. There is no proper excuse for what is going on.”

Fox is said to have been acting on behalf of a client seeking the alleged debt from a company part-owned by Hall.

The 45 year old denies Hall’s civil harassment allegation and argued that it was “wholly untruthful” he entered the property.

The case continues.

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