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Skepta: ‘I prefer dancing to fighting now’

Skepta has learnt to no longer rely on violence and aggression to make an impact.
The British grime artist has won critical acclaim with his music and scooped accolades Songwriter of the Year and Best Contemporary Song for Man at the Ivor Novello Awards earlier this month (May17).
Discussing his desire to make a difference in the world, Skepta – real name Joseph Junior Adenuga – explained he’s left behind his violent tendencies when tackling issues in favour of more positive actions.
“I feel like I was a really aggressive fighter but I’ve grown into a person who realises you don’t have to turn to violence or aggression. I can just walk into a room and dance,” the 34-year-old told London’s Evening Standard.
“Every stage of my life I’ve wanted to do good for Earth. When I saw bullies I’d step in and say, ‘Stop doing that to them’. Then when I got to 16 it was music – I would get on the stage and say, ‘Stop the f**kery’. I will be stopping the f**kery until I die.”
It seems this grown-up approach helps him unwind too as he noted the more good things he does, the less he feels regretful of what he didn’t do.
The Shutdown star’s former hostility didn’t go unnoticed though as he admitted he’d been arrested several times during his youth and learnt a lot from the experiences, likening it to a near-death mindset.
“I understand what that is – I understand what really matters if I was to die. In my head I’ve died a long time ago. I can make clear decisions,” Skepta added.

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