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Smith’s bust-up with Weinstein at premiere

Smith’s first foray into directing horror films was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January (11) and he was keen to judge the audience’s reaction.

But the director was forced to shout a foul-mouthed warning at Miramax founder Weinstein less than 10 minutes into the screening because he was “disgusted” by the film boss’ distracting chatter.

Smith tells Britain’s The Guardian, “I open the curtain at the back and I see Harvey outside, talking. He’s talking about the (New York) Jets (football team). Loud as f**k. The opening of my movie, first seven minutes.

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“The old Kev just would have gone, ‘Harvey, shh, movie’s on.’ But it disgusted me so much. It doesn’t get more heartbreaking. So I f**kin’ lost it, and I went out and said, ‘Hey. Shut the f**k up!’ And he looked at me with f**kin’ hate in his eyes. And I said, ‘Yeah. That’s me and I’m saying it.’ And he just left.”

A rep for Weinstein had not responded to WENN’s request for a comment by press time.

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