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Snoop Dogg was sure Dr. Dre’s initial phone call was a prank

Snoop Dogg hung up on Dr. Dre during their very first phone call, because the Gin And Juice hitmaker was convinced it was a prank.
Dre is credited as discovering Snoop Dogg and helping to put him on the map in the early 1990s, but the Long Beach, California native almost missed out on his big break after refusing to believe it was the N.W.A. rapper on the other end of the line.
The two old pals reminisced about their first interaction in a trailer for Dre’s upcoming TV documentary series, The Defiant Ones, in which the superproducer recalled hearing one of Snoop’s mixtapes at a bachelor party.
According to Dre, he told his stepbrother Warren G the young Snoop was “a f**king diamond in the rough and we need to polish it up!”
However, things didn’t quite go to plan when he first reached out, as Snoop hung up the phone after declaring, “This ain’t no motherf**kin’ Dr. Dre (sic)!”.
Luckily, Dre didn’t give up, and after leaving a voicemail message for Snoop, they eventually hit it off, going on to make hip-hop history together.
The Defiant Ones debuts in the U.S. in July (17).

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