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Sobriety made Jason Isbell a better musician

Singer Jason Isbell credits his sobriety with his newfound success.
The star turned his back on drink and drugs in 2012 following an intervention and he insists kicking his bad habits has allowed him to focus on his work and hit the road.
“I hadn’t been onstage sober until about four years ago,” Isbell tells RollingStone.com. “That took some getting used to. But we just did three weeks in Europe, played a cruise and started this tour two days later. If this was 10 years ago, I would be exhausted.”
Isbell recently won his first two Grammy Awards for Best Americana Album and Best American Roots Song for 24 Frames, and he is confident his recent success is a result of being able to put everything into his music.
“It’s a direct result of spending more time working on the songs and not being dragged away by things that happen after dark,” he continues.
And he is grateful to have gotten his life in order and be able to do what he loves.
“It was really important to me to get to this level,” the 37-year-old adds. “Sleeping on people’s floors when you’re 22 is fine. But when you get your life in order and have a family you want to keep and a certain level of health, touring bigger means you can keep going for longer.”

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