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Social Network writer defends film

The film, starring Justin Timberlake, tells the story of social networking website Facebook.com, which was founded by entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg and a pal in their dorm rooms while he was a computer science student at Harvard University.

Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay for the film and he was unhappy to see a negative review from American TV writer Ken Levine, who slammed “the lack of a decent portrayal of women” in the picture.

Sorkin took to Levine’s blog to respond to the comment and defended the way the female characters were portrayed.

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He writes, “I get it. It’s not hard to understand how bright women could be appalled by what they saw in the movie. But you have to understand that that was the very specific world I was writing about.

“I was writing about a very angry and deeply misogynistic group of people. These aren’t the cuddly nerds we made movies about in the ’80s. They’re very angry that the cheerleader still wants to go out with the quarterback instead of the men who are running the universe right now.”

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