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Sofia Vergara is secret Steelers model

Sofia Vergara has become an unlikely model for Pittsburgh Steelers apparel.
The 45-year-old Modern Family star’s husband Joe Manganiello recently helped his hometown football team launch a clothing line, but Steelers bosses are more interested in his wife wearing the gear.
“It’s Steelers head to toe – socks, underwear, undershirt, sweatshirt, jacket, gloves…” he says. “I can get her (Vergara) to put on some of the wonderful Steelers apparel… I’m friends with everyone in the organisation and they send her crates of things for her to wear, and sometimes she uses them. She likes the nail files.”
Sofia was never much of a football fan before she met Joe, but now even she has a passion for the Steelers and loves to cheer on her husband’s beloved Pittsburgh team.
“The good thing is that he doesn’t really, like, force me to go, but I like going to the actual game because the energy is amazing, I have fun,” Sofia told news show Extra recently. “What I don’t really understand is watching it on TV for hours, so I kind of, like, go and sit with him for a little while but I lose interest or I, like, start shopping online.
“But I love that he’s so passionate about his team. It reminds me of Latin men with soccer… when I used to live in Colombia.”

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