Sophia Bush Opens Up About ‘Chicago P.D.’ Exit


Sophia Bush was forced to quit her dream job on Chicago P.D. after feeling like she was “trapped in a burning building”.

The American actress, who found fame on teen drama One Tree Hill in 2003, shocked fans when she quit the role of detective Erin Lindsay in May (17) at the end of season four. Following rumors she’d been cut from the cast, Sophia addressed her exit on Twitter, telling fans she left because she wanted to, and she’s now opened up further about quitting the show.

“What you start to realize is that, like, if your house was burning down, you wouldn’t hang out inside because your brother was in there and you loved him,” she told Refinery 29’s UnStyled podcast. “You’d be like, ‘Yo, I love you. Let’s get out of this house!’

“For me, not to put it on anybody else, but for me, it felt like I was trapped in a burning building. I was just so unhappy and it was my dream job and I was miserable and I had to go.”

Six months after Sophia quit the series it came to light that her co-star Jason Beghe, Sergeant Henry “Hank” Voight on the show, was investigated by NBC and Wolf Entertainment in 2016 for inappropriate behavior after several members of the cast and crew filed complaints.

Sophia then revealed how she delivered producers an ultimatum, that things had to drastically change on set, or she’d walk from the hit show.

“I said, ‘Here’s where we are. Here’s everything you’re aware of. Here’s how I’m coming to you today. If something really drastic doesn’t change, I’m leaving at the end of the year’ — because I understand how the business works and how women are treated — I said, ‘I’m giving you not two weeks notice and I’m not coming in here throwing s**t and breaking lamps and saying I’m never coming back,” she insisted, while keeping the specifics of her on set grievances to herself. “I’m giving you 23 episodes notice. I’m giving you that much time. So, there will be no conversation in which I was hysterical, emotional, in which I was being a quote irrational female or whatever you want to put on it. I’m literally sitting in front of you, like, cool as a cucumber,” she added.