Soulja Boy sued after skipping out on gig – report

Soulja Boy is being sued for nearly $13,500 (£10,650) after allegedly missing an Alabama gig he’d been scheduled to perform at back in April.
The 28-year-old rapper, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, had been due to take to the stage in Birmingham, Alabama, with promoter William Hicks claiming he paid Soulja a deposit of nearly $9,000 (£7,100) to secure the date.
However, Hicks alleges in legal documents obtained by that just minutes before Soulja was set to perform, he received a text message from the musician’s manager saying that he’d missed his flight so wouldn’t make the gig.
But Hicks was unconvinced by the excuse, alleging in the documents that Soulja was instead partying in Las Vegas and performing there instead.
Hicks threatened to file a lawsuit against Soulja’s team after the missed gig, sending them a letter to demand repayment of the deposit, leading to the Crank That star to respond on social media, writing on Twitter: “$9,000 I wipe my a*s with that lol I spent that a day haha…”
Following the call out, Soulja apparently sent Hicks an apology video for missing the gig, but the promoter wanted a more public apology from the rapper – which he apparently refused to do. Hicks is now suing Soulja for breach of contract and the money he missed out on through the cancelled gig – an estimated $13,487.85 (£10,640).
Sources close to Soulja have hit back at the lawsuit, stating that the star had been in touch with Hicks and they were trying to work out an agreement to avoid any legal paperwork being filed. However, the negotiations ceased when Soulja was arrested and sentenced to 240 days in jail and 265 days of community service for violating his probation in April.
Soulja was released from the jail on Sunday (14Apr19) – 146 days early – due to good behaviour, time served and prison overcrowding.