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Spike Lee’s fans forced him out of Brooklyn

Director Spike Lee was forced to move out of his beloved Brooklyn, New York after his wife grew sick of fans constantly ringing their doorbell in the middle of the night.

The Malcolm X filmmaker moved to the borough from Atlanta, Georgia as a young child and many of his movies are based in and around Brooklyn.

But Lee packed up his belongings in 1997 and moved to Manhattan at the request of his attorney wife Tonya Lewis – because she could no longer stand being disturbed by unwelcome strangers.

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He tells New York Magazine, “It had nothing to do with safety; it had to do with my wife wanting us to get out of Brooklyn. Because everybody in Brooklyn knew where I lived, and they were ringing my (door) bell – a lot of times at three or four in the morning when I was out of town, and she couldn’t take it no more.”

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