Star Wars’ Female Cast Talk About How Important Carrie Fisher Was to Them


Carrie Fisher’s female castmates from Star Wars: The Last Jedi have paid tribute to the late actress as having inspired them on and off screen.

The cast all attended the first official press conference promoting the film on Sunday (03Dec17), but sadly the outspoken Star Wars icon, who plays Princess Leia Organa in the franchise, was absent having passed away aged 60, last December (16).

In Carrie’s absence, her castmates revealed what she had meant to them, and how she had helped inspire them, both as young Star Wars fans, and on the film’s set.


“People speak about people who are brave or fearless, but beyond that, I’ve known, luckily, a few people that would hold those descriptions, but not that they would be without shame,” Laura Dern, who plays Leia’s Resistance comrade Amilyn Holdo in the new movie, told the press conference host, Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican. “And that’s what moved me the most about the icon she gave us, but also what she gave us individually and personally, which was Carrie.”

Gwendoline Christie, who stands at six foot three inches tall, and plays villain Captain Phasma, said that seeing Carrie in the first Star Wars movie A New Hope, provided a powerful female role model.


“She was very significant, because I was first shown A New Hope when I was six, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that character’s really different,'” the Game of Thrones star explained. “She’s really smart, she’s really funny, she’s courageous, she’s bold. She doesn’t care what people think, and she isn’t prepared to be told what to do. That was instrumental to someone like me, who didn’t feel like she fit that homogenized view of what a woman should be. You can celebrate yourself and be successful without giving yourself over.”

Lead actress Daisy Ridley, who portrays the heroine, Rey, also paid tribute to the late star, saying Carrie’s daughter, Billie Lourd, shares her mother’s best qualities, her wit and humor.

“She’s smart and funny and shameless, and I think Carrie bringing up a daughter who is all of those qualities, and then some, in this world – if that’s what she did just her being her, I think that speaks volumes to what she did, her in the spotlight.”

The Last Jedi will be Carrie’s final Star Wars movie, having completed filming before her death from a cardiac arrest. The Last Jedi is released on 15 December (17).