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Starr’s wife claims Snipes link

Snipes is said to have been caught up in an alleged investment scam perpetrated by Starr, who is accused of embezzling a massive $30 million (£20 million) from his high-profile clients.

The Blade actor is currently facing a jail sentence after he was found guilty of failing to file tax returns, and Starr’s wife Diane Passage is convinced two men have been attempting to contact her for information which might help clear the actor’s name.

She tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, “They contacted my doorman and my attorney, and said they wanted information that might help Snipes. He was a client (of Starr) in 2000 but before I met my husband. I have nothing to do with his taxes.”

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Starr, who testified against Snipes at his 2008 trial, has pleaded not guilty to charges of wire fraud, securities fraud, money laundering and fraud by an investment adviser, and is scheduled for trial on 1 November (10).

Snipes recently lost an appeal against his three-year jail sentence but is continuing to fight the guilty verdict – his legal team has asked for a retrial to take into account Starr’s recent legal problems.

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