Stars pay tribute to rugby legend Jonah Lomu

Stars including Russell Crowe and David Beckham have paid tribute to late New Zealand sports legend Jonah Lomu following his death on Wednesday (18Nov15).
The former All Blacks rugby player, who had long history of kidney problems, passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest in Auckland, New Zealand at the age of 40.
The sportsman has since been mourned on social media by famous fans including rugby enthusiast Russell Crowe, who writes on, “RIP Jonah Lomu. An inspiration on the field, an inspiration off the field. A gentleman and a gentle man. Love you brother.”
Retired soccer player David Beckham posts on, “So sad to hear the news about this amazing giant of a man… A sporting hero and one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet… A credit to his country, his family and to the sport that he passionately played… Jonah you will be missed.”
New Zealand actor/comedian Jemaine Clement tweets, “Very sad news about Jonah Lomu passing away. He was a giant in sports, a giant in real life and such a lovely guy. A gentle giant,” while actress Lucy Lawless adds, “Shine on #JonahLomu! He gave time to cheer sick kids at the #Starship, NZ’s National Children’s Hospital. Wonderful man.”
Irish singer Brian McFadden posts, “Gutted to hear about Jonah. Absolute legend! It looks like he was born a champion!” and Boyzone star Keith Duffy adds, “So sad to hear of The passing of All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu So young… R.I.P.”