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Status Quo manager: ‘Rick Parfitt’s wife did not cover health drama expenses, I did’

Status Quo’s manager has dismissed reports suggesting Rick Parfitt’s estranged wife covered the guitarist’s expenses following a heart attack in Turkey, insisting he paid for everything.
Reports have suggested Lyndsay Parfitt paid a $77,870 (£60,000) air ambulance bill on her credit card to cover the cost of her husband’s medical emergency following a Quo gig in Antalya, and their relationship has since become strained due to financial issues and Rick’s health struggles.
But manager Simon Porter tells WENN the stories swirling around Parfitt’s marriage are mostly inaccurate, although the rocker has split from his wife of 10 years.
Porter explains, “All that is important to him right now is his health and his children. I would add, for clarity, that any claims that Rick (one of Britain’s most successful songwriters and musicians) is surviving on a £600-a-month pension are wholly inaccurate. Equally, claims that his wife paid for his repatriation to the UK after the emergency in Turkey on her credit card are completely untrue.
“The band fully funded the Air Ambulance transfer; I should know, I pay the bills!”
“I would make no further comment on what are clearly personal matters other than to request privacy during what is an extremely difficult period for Rick, both professionally and personally,” the manager added.
Porter also told WENN that Rick is still on the Status Quo pay roll, even though his health has prevented him from joining the band on tour.
“Rick is going through a massive change in his life as he strives to become fit and well again,” the manager states. “Although he is unable to join the band on tour at this time, he continues to be a member of Status Quo and also continues to be rewarded accordingly.”
Last month (Sep16), Porter revealed the rock star “died” for several minutes directly following his heart attack, which resulted in “mild cognitive impairments, for which he continues to receive neuropsychological support,” he said.
Simon also said that Rick may well have performed with Status Quo for the last time, with a decision to be made on his future with the band next year (17).

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