Stella McCartney: ‘It was time for me to come together with The Beatles’

Designer Stella Mccartney has finally created a collection inspired by The Beatles – after years of trying to distance herself from her father’s iconic band.
The 47-year-old daughter of Paul McCartney and late photographer Linda has directly drawn on her musical heritage for the first time in her career to create the All Together Now collection, which features pieces inspired by George Dunning’s 1968 animated musical Beatles film Yellow Submarine.
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stella explained that while she had previously tried keep her clothing creations distant from her connection to the Fab Four, she was inspired to do the opposite after re-watching Yellow Submarine.
“Last summer I went to a screening of Yellow Submarine and seeing it for the first time since I was young affected me deeply; it blew my mind,” she said. “I started looking at it from a fashion perspective. I felt like it was so modern, and it was for everyone. In my career, in a way, I’ve tried to distance myself from my personal relationship with The Beatles; with it being family, it felt important to do that for many reasons. But it really felt like the time to come together, it was the right time to use that excellent wealth of extraordinary expression.”
The 85-piece All Together Now collection, named after a song from the film, was released on Monday (08Jul19) and features clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Pieces feature bold patterns, graphics of yellow submarines, and the words “All You Need Is Love”, among others, and range in price from $295 (£237) to $6,840 (£5,490).