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Stephen Moyer wants another gay True Blood scene

Moyer jumped at the chance to go topless with co-star Trammell for the racy dream sequence, and admits he has asked bosses to put him in a similar scene with Alexander Skarsgard, who plays his onscreen adversary Eric.

He tells The Advocate, “We had an awful lot of fun that day, and I happen to think Sam’s a very good-looking man. Not that that particular scene was a challenge, but anything that seems like it could be a challenge in the script is just meat for an actor. So I looked at that scene like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s fantastic. I can’t wait to do that!’

“Alex and I would absolutely embrace that (a gay sex scene). Last year, when (real-life wife Anna Paquin’s character) Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we even suggested it.”

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The Brit, who is expecting twins with Paquin, has also hit back at criticism the show has alienated audiences by becoming “too gay”.

He adds, “Is there such a thing as too gay? We live in a very different world than we grew up in, so if people can’t embrace that aspect of our show, then that’s a shame. I certainly don’t think it’s specifically gay, but our show ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people.

“We have an incredibly broad audience, one of the widest demographics in terms of sexuality and age groups, so obviously we’re doing something right.”

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