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Sting struggled to find inspiration for new album

Veteran musician Sting came up blank initially when he started work on his latest album.
The British musician is gearing up to unveil his 12th solo studio album, titled 57th & 9th, which is due to be released on 11 November (16) and features the single I Can’t Stop Thinking About You.
Speaking about the new project on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (28Sep16), Sting shared that he initially found it difficult to come up with new material for the record, his first collection of rock tunes since the release of Sacred Love in 2003.
“This one I had nothing. I called my musicians up, Dominic Miller on the guitar, Vinnie Colaiuta on the drums, I said, ‘Come to the studio, I’ve got nothing,’” he told host Jimmy. “So the three of us played like musical ping pong, three-way ping pong, and ideas came and then we shaped them into song form.”
The Police frontman, who launched his solo career in 1984, also explained that he sometimes experiences writer’s block. But the 16-time Grammy Award winner finds that after a period of rest, inspiration will return to him in waves.
“I think everybody gets writer’s block. My work is seasonal. I’ll spend a season writing and recording music, then I go on tour, and then I don’t do anything,” he shared.
As for the title of his new record, Sting, 64, said that it was inspired by a busy New York intersection he crosses each day on his way to the studio.
“I live on the Upper West Side and the studios I use are in Hell’s Kitchen, and every day I’d stop at this intersection because the traffic’s busy. So it was a little way of reminding myself that I live in New York and I love the city,” he smiled, adding that he doesn’t mind when fans stop him in the street. “To walk to work is a great privilege for me.”

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