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Stone feels ‘safe’ after winning restraining order

The Basic Instinct star was left fearing for her life after Bradly Gooden was discovered by cops in her Los Angeles home earlier this month (Feb11).

According to official documents, Gooden told cops he was the son of former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton and had travelled to California from Ohio, telling officers, “It’s now my house… I live here.”

Stone filed a request for a restraining order, and on Thursday (24Feb11) she was granted a temporary ban against Gooden, who she has described as an “obsessed, mentally unstable, delusional person”.

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Now the actress has opened up about the latest ruling, revealing her relief over the ban and thanking police for handling the scary situation so well.

She tells CNN broadcaster Piers Morgan, “We have described him as mentally ill and he is currently in a lockdown at the psychiatric unit. So we feel safe.

“My feeling was to just react logically and we called the police and the police really were wonderful. We’re so lucky to have such a terrific police unit here and they knew exactly what to do and they did a very good job… it’s been handled really well.”

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