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Stone granted restraining order against ‘mentally unstable’ man

The Hollywood actress has revealed she fears for her life after police found Bradly Gooden inside her house on 11 February (11).

According to documents obtained by TMZ.com, Gooden told officers he was the son of former U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton and had travelled to California from Ohio because he is convinced the politician bought the house from Stone as a gift to him.

He allegedly told cops, “It’s now my house… I live here.”

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Gooden was taken into custody and placed on psychiatric hold, but he was released earlier this week (begs21Feb11) and police believe he is “undeterred from returning to the property”.

Stone filed a request for a restraining order in Los Angeles Superior Court and, on Thursday (24Feb11), she was granted a temporary ban against Gooden, who she has described as an “obsessed, mentally unstable, delusional person”, on Thursday (24Feb11).

In her filing, the actress stated: “I am in fear from Mr. Gooden for my personal safety, and that of those around me, including especially my children and family, as well as my friends and employees.”

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