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Stunned William H. Macy cried at the premiere of The Sessions

The Fargo star plays a priest in the new drama and he shot most of his lines with John Hawkes who portrays real-life lead character Mark O’Brien, a quadriplegic who hires a sex therapist to help him lose his virginity at the age of 38.

Macy was not on set for intimate scenes between Hawkes and Helen Hunt, who plays his sex therapist, and when the project premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in January (12), he was overcome by the work of his co-stars and their director Ben Lewin’s beautiful vision.

He tells New York Magazine, “Generally speaking, the first time I see myself in a film, it’s a wash, it’s a horror…. It’s horrible to watch myself… But I was swept away at Sundance. I just wept like a baby. I didn’t know it was a love story.

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“He (Lewin) suckered us. This was just ‘boy meets girl’ when it comes down to it, and oh, I fell like a ton of bricks for that. I’m so impressed with John and Helen, with their acting. The actor in me saw the technical difficulties that they were surmounting, and they’re formidable.”

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