Sue Johnston & Maggie Smith needed help to stand during Downton Abbey scene

Age set in during Downton Abbey filming for great Brits Dame Maggie Smith and Sue Johnston when they couldn’t get up to complete a scene.
Johnston, whose role as Gladys Denker was cut from the finished movie, reveals one scene was halted so assistants could help the ladies get to their feet.
“Maggie and I were doing a scene and Maggie comes in from dinner and sits on the chair and I get down to do her boots, then we have to cross to the dressing room,” Sue tells the Radio Times.
“We go to get up and neither of us can move. She can’t get off the chair and I can’t get off the floor! And I think that broke the back of shyness. I think she’s had her knee done since then and I’ve had my back op.”
Johnston admits she’s upset that she won’t appear in the Downton Abbey movie: “She (my character) was in the first script, then that script disappeared. Imagine how I felt!”
But Dame Maggie Smith will be back as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham.