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Sunday: ‘John Adams’

[IMG:L]John Adams — 8/7c on HBO

If you happen to be wondering, for some reason, about what will lead the Primetime Emmys in nominations come this September, HBO’s John Adams is your man.

Last year’s relatively little-seen and -heard-of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee–also from HBO–was the most nominated of its class, and Adams arrives on the small screen with much more buzz and higher expectations.

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A brilliantly cast Paul Giamatti stars as the title Founding Father/second U.S. president/first vice president/driving force for independence in this seven-part adaptation of author David McCullough’s biography.

In tonight’s opener, the aftermath of the Boston Massacre in 1770 cements Adams’ reputation as a crusader for justice, earning him an invite to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia; the premiere is followed immediately by a second new episode at 9:10/8:10c.

Veteran actors Laura Linney (as Abigail Adams), David Morse, Sarah Polley, Rufus SewellJustin Theroux and Tom Wilkinson co-star in Adams.

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