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Sunday: ‘The Simpsons’

[IMG:L]The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror — 8/7c on Fox

You know you have some real TV clout when you can air your Halloween episode four nights after the holiday and still have viewers brimming with excitement.

Such is the case with tonight’s 18th installment of The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” special, which now gets pushed back annually because of Fox’s deal with the World Series. (Too bad it was such a quick one this year!)

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With apologies to Charlie Brown and co., the Simpsons episode has become the most anticipated holiday-themed special of them all, and rightfully so.

Those satirized this year include Mr. and Mrs. SmithE.T. and Se7en. Pretty much unfunny-proof, as usual.


[IMG:R]Curb Your Enthusiasm — 10/9c on HBO 
Larry David followed up one of his best Curb episodes two weeks ago–in which Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) left him, possibly mimicking his real-life marital split, after he listened to the TiVo guy instead of her frantic phone call–with one of his worst, an episode proving what we already know: There is absolutely no humor to be squeezed out of the N-word, no matter its context or harmless intentions. But tonight should pick up where two weeks ago left off, as Larry tries to stay in Cheryl’s good graces through contact with her therapist. As bad as proceedings go with L.D. trying to win her back, this isn’t the type of show that can afford to lose such a sizable character, so the two will seemingly have to patch things up at some point.

[IMG:L][IMG:R]Sunday Night Football: Cowboys at Eagles — 8:15/7:15c on NBC
For you: a rematch of Terrell Owens and his old team, whose defense will probably try to paralyze him any chance it gets. For her: Tony Romo, the Cowboys quarterback who is reportedly dating Carrie Underwood and/or Britney Spears–probably neither, in reality.

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