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Sunday: ‘Wild 100: Top 10’

[IMG:L]Wild 100: Top 10 — 8/7c on Animal Planet

TV listmania has gotten completely out of control with its frequency and dubiousness–never more evident than Wild 100.

And yet, virtually every TV “list” show remains watchable, if not fully interesting–never more evident than Wild 100.

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The one channel you thought would have no business getting in on listmania, Animal Planet, has done just that, and it somehow works, at least in concept.

Tonight, Howie Mandel–OK, so maybe there could have been a better, less annoying host–runs down the top 10 “baddest,” “sexiest” and “scariest” beasts, according to viewer votes.


[IMG:R]Flags of Our Fathers — 7:45/6:45c on HBO
It’s “out with Curb Your Enthusiasm/Tell Me You Love Me, in with the movie premiere” night for HBO, as Clint Eastwood’s World War II epic debuts in place of the network’s episodic schedule. While Flags is not for those short on time and/or patience, it is worth a look at some point, even if it takes multiple viewings.

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