Supermarket bosses apologise to Baldwin, reinstates commercials

The 30 Rock actor was removed from an American Airlines plane bound for the Big Apple after he ignored a steward’s pleas to turn off his cell phone as the crew prepared for take-off.

Dozens of complaining customers prompted chiefs at Wegmans Food Markets to cut all ties with the actor and discontinue the use of his promotional ads, however, market executives have since had a change of heart after receiving comments from his fans.

A rep for the company tells, “We regret ending the Alec Baldwin holiday commercials one week earlier than planned in response to a couple of dozen complaints. We have decided to run the commercials again, effective immediately.

“Clearly, many more people support Alec, as evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of tweets, emails, and phone calls we have received. We enjoyed working with Alec Baldwin and his mom, Carol, and would do it again. We appreciate all the kind things they have said about Wegmans and respect the good work they do for communities.”

Baldwin was first hired for the job after revealing his mum Carol regularly shops at the store.