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Supermodel Raffaella Fico expecting soccer star’s baby

Raffaella Fico discovered she was expecting the striker’s baby in May (12), several weeks after the couple had split.

She told him the news just before Italy’s Euro 2012 semi-final match against Germany.

The 24-year-old model tells Italian website Sport Mediaset, “I called the day before the game against Germany and I said, ‘I’m expecting a baby, it’s your baby’. After a pause he said, ‘You gave me the best news of the world’.”

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But the good news was short-lived – after beating Germany and winning a place in the final, Italy were beaten soundly by Spain on Sunday (01Jul12).

Fico is hoping the baby news will bring the couple back together, revealing they had planned to wed and start a family at the end of last year (11).

She recalls, “Last Christmas, he told me, ‘Let’s get married and make a son’, and I accepted.”

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