Susan Sarandon Wants You To Smoke Pot

Susan Sarandon
Splash News

Veteran actress Susan Sarandon has branded the prohibition of marijuana “absurd” and called on more U.S. states to legalise the drug.

The Thelma & Louise star has extolled the virtues of consuming cannabis, insisting it is perfect for stress relief, and she also cites studies suggesting it can drastically reduce seizures.

She is calling on officials in the U.S. to follow the lead of states such as Washington and Colorado, where lawmakers have relaxed a ban on the drug, telling High Times magazine, “It’s absurd that more states haven’t legalised it… It’s an important source of income…”


“You also see the reports on kids who have seizures that are prevented by medical marijuana. You see the relief it gives to vets. It’s also a lovely way to socialise and be with people – and to be with yourself and de-stress…”

“That’s the great thing about smoking weed: if you lead a very, very busy life, for me, it really makes the most of your weekend. It like, triples, your weekends. If you only have certain windows to get high, it allows you to slow down and really be there.”

“It’s really important, because technology has made everybody multitask: We get so distracted and so crazy… Smoking helps you to connect again – to be present and conscious.”