Susan Sarandon’s Bette Davis Make-Up Frightened Her Granddaughter

FX / Wenn

Susan Sarandon scared her granddaughter by answering a video call in white face make-up applied for her role as Bette Davis.

The 70-year-old actress portrays the classic Hollywood star in Ryan Murphy’s new TV show Feud, following the rivalry between Bette and Joan Crawford as they starred in 1962 drama What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Part of Susan’s costume was white face paint and bright red lipstick to resemble her alter ego’s terrifying performance as jealous sister Jane Hudson, and it actually frightened the actress’ family away from the set.

“I made the mistake of answering FaceTime when I was in the Bette Davis white face with my granddaughter, and I just saw her stop and I realised she was terrified and I said, ‘Do you like my clown make-up?’” Susan recalled to Fox News. “She didn’t even smile. So that is definitely startling when you see that look. I was glad to be out of that and also it gets everywhere on everything.”

Jessica Lange plays Joan, while other guest appearances include Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson – all three of whom starred in Ryan’s hit TV programme, American Horror Story.

Susan has known Jessica, 67, for a long time and it was her involvement and the writer’s enthusiasm that encouraged her to sign on, despite knowing little about the premise.

The show also made the Alfie star view herself in a new light as she experienced the ageism and sexism that both Bette and Joan faced in their heyday.

“I learned a lot about her that I didn’t know for sure… I’ve never thought of myself as old, and I definitely had to think of myself of over on the other side, inside I don’t feel that way so she did make me examine certain things,” Susan noted.

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