Suzanne Somers blames mold for family’s past health problems

Actress SUZANNE SOMERS insists many of her past health issues can be traced back to mold in her rented home.
The Three’s Company star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and rejected chemotherapy in favour of a natural treatment called Iscador, a mistletoe extract.
In 2008, she was informed she had lung cancer after falling seriously ill, but when doctors went to perform surgery to remove the masses they were unable to find any.
Somers believed she had a bad reaction to a substance at the time, but now insists her health was affected by black mold.
She tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, “When they read the CAT scan they said, ‘You have cancer everywhere. You have a mass on your lung and it’s covering your whole liver and you have so many masses in your chest we can’t count them and they’re all tumours and you have a blood clot and you have pneumonia’.”
During her health ordeal, Somers’ husband, Alan, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
She continues, “He’s so healthy, but his eyes were red and watery and a lot of nasal (issues), constant sinus problems and then he started having facial ticks and spasms like something is wrong.”
Somers subsequently discovered the house she was renting after her home burned down was infested with mold and she attributes her family’s bad health issues to the toxic fungus.
She adds, “We went down to that room and it was like the little shop horrors. There was standing water and black mold, the worst kind, was climbing up through the drywall like worms almost, into the air conditioning, into the heating ducts and we are breathing it in for four years. I got the fungus in my lung, which can kill you…”