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Sykes rejected by childhood crush

The funnywoman, who publicly ‘came out’ in 2008, admits she first experienced a same-sex attraction when she was just seven or eight years old, but she was left disappointed when her crush didn’t return her feelings.

She tells veteran newsman Larry King, “It was very early on. I remember I was in the maybe second or third grade. And it was these two sisters. And they both liked my brother. I have an older brother. They both liked him. And my brother was off with one of the sisters. And, you know, walking around, whatever. It’s like fourth of July, fireworks or something. So I was stuck with the other sister. And… she was walking around with me, trying to find my brother and her sister…

“And she’s holding my hand. We’re walking. I’m look up at her. And I I said, ‘You know, I wish I were a boy because then you could be my girlfriend’. And the look she gave me, like, ‘Huh-uh, don’t ever… Don’t ever say that again’… I think she saw I was putting the moves on her. And it scared her. She couldn’t handle it.”

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