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Sylvester Stallone starstruck by Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett rocked Sylvester Stallone’s world after meeting for the first time at Sunday’s (28Feb16) Academy Awards.
The Rambo veteran reveals he has long admired Cate for her dramatic performances and he was awe-struck after the actress praised him for his Oscar-nominated role in Rocky spin-off, Creed.
“That was absolutely earth-shaking, that was seismic!” Sylvester exclaimed moments after being greeted by the Australian beauty as they crossed paths on the red carpet outside Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre.
The action man, who reprised his role as ageing boxer Rocky Balboa for Creed, admits he is pleasantly surprised by the critical acclaim his supporting role has garnered, but he credits director Ryan Coogler with transforming his sporting franchise into a real dramatic picture.
“Cate Blanchett is as good as they get and I never thought she’d ever see anything I’m in, so that was a revelation,” he continued to ABC News. “I live kinda this sequestered life, and I’ve done so many films in a different genre (action), and I respect her genre (drama) so much more so it’s pretty amazing that Creed kind of crossed that boundary. That’s why I think the director did such a great job and the people who made it happen.”
And Sylvester is doing his best to take in every moment of his first Oscars since 1977, when he was nominated for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay for the original Rocky release.
“This isn’t real!” he joked. “I am actually making a mental movie… I don’t want it to end, it’s great.”
Sylvester is a favourite to take home the Best Supporting Actor prize, while Cate is also nominated for the Best Actress honour for Carol.

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