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Sylvester Stallone’s brother furious over Oscars snub

Sylvester Stallone’s brother is venting his fury after the actor missed out on an Oscar on Sunday (28Feb16).
The Rocky star was the clear favourite to pick up a Best Supporting Actor trophy for his role in Creed after winning a string of prizes in the lead up to the Academy Awards on Sunday (28Feb16).
A win would have been Sly’s first, but Academy voters chose Bridge of Spies star Mark Rylance over the U.S. veteran, and actor/singer Frank Stallone was not happy.
“The Academy should be ashamed of themselves,” he wrote on Twitter.com. “It’s as clear as the nose on your face that Sly won. Mark who? It’s total Hollywood bulls**t.
“First of all my brother has created 2 American icons 40 yrs worth and he did a historic job. If I was Mark? I would have been embarrassed.”
He also took aim at the Brit’s appearance at the Oscars, adding, “(He) couldn’t even comb his hair for Christ sake”.
Angry Frank added, “This is the 3rd time Sly’s gotten ripped off Rocky, Copland and Creed”, before urging Academy bosses to replace votes, calling for “a clean sweep”.
He has since calmed down and apologised to Rylance, tweeting, “I was wrong to put down Mark Rylance and I apologize. He is a fine actor but I thought Sly deserved it.”
Also offering Sylvester commiserations after his Oscars defeat was Expendables co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who said in a video posted on Twitter.com, “Sly, just remember, no matter what they say, to me, you were the best. You were the winner.”

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