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Taraji P. Henson: ‘I love our troops’

Actress Taraji P. Henson has a newfound appreciation for members of the military after visiting troops in Japan over the holiday season (15).
The Empire star visited a base in Yokota and asked to try on the gear the troops have to wear on a daily basis. After feeling how heavy the equipment was, Henson began to think about all the extra issues the troops have to deal with besides fighting, especially the females.
“You just think they’re bad a** and they’re out there fighting… but you don’t know what they go through,” she told U.S. late night host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (24Feb16). “I had to put (the equipment) on because I wanted to know (what it felt like).
“It weighed about 50 pounds (and) the helmet is, like, another eight pounds… and I’m thinking in my mind as a woman… all kinds of things, like when we have our (menstrual) cycle, it’s hot outside… I appreciate what the troops do…”
The trip also made Henson think about her cousin Kenny, who she hasn’t seen in years, because he has been serving in the U.S. Navy.
“What made it so special is that it was around holiday season and a lot of the troops weren’t allowed to go home to their families,” she continued. “That touched a soft spot in my heart because I have a cousin who I haven’t seen in years.
“He’s in the Navy and I never see him… so it was very important that I did that because I thought of my cousin who we never get to see.”

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