Taryn Manning Praises Flight Crew Who Kept Cool in Plane Drama

8 Mile star Taryn Manning has paid tribute to the pilots and crew of JetBlue
flight 292, after she was caught up in Wednesday’s mid-air drama
which made international headlines.

The actress was onboard the Burbank, California, to New York City flight,
which was forced to circle Los Angeles for three hours and make an emergency
landing due to faulty front landing gear.

And she admits she was amazed to see stewards and stewardesses keeping cool
heads while all the passengers started to panic.

Manning says, “The pilots and the crew were amazing. They never once showed
fear on their faces, they kept such good spirits and you know that they were
just as scared.”

The actress admits she struggled to come to terms with the fact the plane she
was on was heading for a landing without its front landing gear: “It was so
bizarre. It was such an out-of-body experience.

“I wrote little notes to my boyfriend and to my mom and to my brother – as
much as I could write in that moment, not wanting to write what I was
writing… It was scary.”

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