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Taylor Lautner struggled to make friends on Twilight set

On-screen lovers Stewart and Pattinson began shooting the first movie in the hugely popular vampire franchise in April, 2008, well before Lautner was tapped to play Bella Swan’s other romantic interest, werewolf Jacob Black.

The 19 year old, who was also the youngest of the group, confesses he was apprehensive about his first day on set as the cast and crew had already had time to forge friendships by the time he arrived – but his anxiety soon disappeared.

He tells MTV.com, “The first one (film), I was probably nervous. I came in halfway through filming so everyone already knew each other, it was a big party, and then I came in being the youngest, and I was pretty nervous. But it quickly ended up being fine. The first one was strange, but for (the second movie) New Moon, that’s when we got rolling. It was satisfying and exciting and I was much more comfortable with everyone and in the role.”

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