Taylor Swift dismisses fan theories about new record


Taylor Swift has dismissed some of the “passionate” fan theories surrounding her new music.
The Blank Space singer set tongues wagging back in February (19) when she posted a picture on social media showing her posing in front of a fence with five holes in it – leading many of her followers to speculate that the number five is of some relevance to the new record.
“What if there’s five holes in the fence and each represents a name. She’s at the center of it so what if it’s just Taylor Swift 2.0?” one eager fan wondered.
However, Taylor set the record straight during a recent chat on Australia’s HIT Network radio show Carrie & Tommy, revealing it was just fluke that the fence had five holes.
“I really was just trying to change up my Instagram aesthetic to get ready for the new album,” she laughed. “I really was just posting pastel pictures to try to go from a dark to a light, and kind of show them what the color scheme would be for the next album.
“But I love that they’re that passionate, and I know they will talk about that in the ‘fandom’ for the next couple of years. They were so funny online about it, but yeah, I should have thought about that!”
Elsewhere in the interview, Taylor spoke about her new cat Benjamin Button, and admitted she adopted him after he was brought on to the set of the music video for her new single ME!
“I didn’t expect to meet this kitten – I met him on the video set actually,” the 29-year-old explained. “So we had this scene where (Brendon Urie, collaborator) gives me flowers to try to win me back, I say no. He gives me a ring to try to win me back, I say no. So then he pulls a tiny kitten out of his jacket and I’m like, ‘Ok, you clearly know me.’
“I arrived on set and there was this tiny little kitten that was the sweetest kitten. I fell immediately in love with this cat, he even started purring and immediately we were best friends and it was just set. And they were like, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have a home’, so I knew immediately.”