Taylor Swift fans left unimpressed by merchandise typo


Taylor Swift fans have taken to social media to share their outrage after noticing a grammatical typo on one of the singer’s merchandise shirts.

The typo was found in the lyrics of Taylor’s new single ME!, printed on the chest of the top, which is meant to read: “You’re the only one of you / Baby, that’s the fun of you.”

However, the error meant the line actually read “your’e the only one of you”.

Twitter user @SavvyStardust was the first to discover the mistake, and took to the social media platform to vent her frustration.

“EXCUSE ME! I’ve had this shirt for nearly a month and you’re telling me it’s had a typo THIS WHOLE TIME!!” she captioned a snap of the shirt.

Her post quickly attracted attention from other fans, who also expressed their shock at the error.

“But Taylor needs to see this. We ain’t paying good money to look like boo boo the fools,” one person replied, while another added: “STOP. THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE.”

“They need to re-send new one at no charge and send a shipping label to return defective one. Typically they don’t take back defective items anyway. I would contact the store,” a third wrote.

Numerous fans also checked over their own tops to find the same mistake, with one suggesting it might be an Easter egg – a hint Taylor is famous for including in her singles about upcoming projects.

But another hit back at that theory, commenting: “A typo isn’t a cute Easter egg.”

It seems the mistake wasn’t on all the shirts, however, as other fans tweeted images of their own tops, with the lyric spelled correctly.